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Things To Consider When Deciding If You Need A New Roof

How often do you actually look at your roof? Most of you you run in and out of the house off to work and back again, taking and bringing home the kids, and glance up at your roof when the weather looks dodgy or have seen some sort of rare bird on your chimney! Taking the time to inspect your roof and keep it in good working order is one of the most important jobs for the home owner. Making your roof watertight by fixing leaks before they happen will keep your roof in good condition and keep the inside of your home, and you dry! (more…)

Help! My Roof Is Leaking!

A lot of the time roof leaks are caused by common problems such as a missing or broken tile, split lead flashings or bad workmanship. There are times when roof leaks only occur in very heavy rain or when its blowing in a certain direction. One of the reasons why I love my job so much is because it sometimes involves a little detective work and the cause is not always what you think it would be... (more…)

Nottingham & Derby Building and Roofing Services

  Lee Jones Building and Roofing Contractors are one of the most established builders in Nottingham and one of the best Nottingham roofers in the area. With over 40 years of experience serving the communities of both Nottingham and Derby, this has helped us to establish a reputation of exceptional craftsmanship, Trust and value for money. (more…)

Common Roof Problems and Repairs

Common Roof Problems and Repairs No matter how well built, over time roof problems will inevitably occur. A roof might become damaged due to the age of the material used or from wear and tear caused by the elements, even bad workmanship... Understanding common roof problems is essential for the home owner. Just because you may not be able to see your roof completely it should not be negleted . By knowing what to look out for, roofing issues can be resolved before they become a bigger problem. You can often fix minor issues yourself, but for larger repairs a professional can get the job done safely and correctly. (more…)

Top Five Tips For Roof Maintenance

Top Five Tips for Roof Maintenance Only a few people take year round care of their roof while many people simply ignore the roof problems that result in severe damages later on. Nonetheless, regular maintenance of the roof is essential because roof repairs can be somewhat expensive. Following these top 5 tips for roof maintenance will help you prevent these problems from arising in the first place. (more…)

Re-roofing your house

Your roof is your home's defining feature so do your homework and make sure the roof over your head is a good one! As a homeowner, you may already be aware of the fact that exteriors of your home also need equal if not more attention than the interiors, as far as its maintenance needs are concerned. Since roofs are undoubtedly the vital part of any home, they need regular maintenance or complete re-roofing in many cases. (more…)

Builders & Roofers in Nottingham and Derby

  For over 37 years, Lee Jones Building & roofing Contractors have been providing professional and reliable building and construction services in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas. Formerly Trevor Jones & Sons, our extremely skilled team of builders has built its reputation on providing our clients with exceptional service, quality workmanship, solid building advice and continued maintenance and renovation for many structures. (more…)