Choosing a new roof

In planning your next major re-design project, don’t forget to consider the look and style of your roof. When you consider that the average roof comprises 40 percent of a home’s visible exterior, you want it to look good.

Inspect your roof from a safe vantage point using binoculars. Look for cracking, broken, and missing slates or tiles. You can examine your roof from the inside, too. In your attic space, check for daylight or use a torch to look for water stains that may indicate a growing roof leak.For most of us the roof is an afterthought, at least until it starts to leak. In addition to keeping the house dry, the roof contributes greatly to the look of the house, so when building a new house, adding on, or re-roofing, it may pay to consider the options. When it comes to roof remodeling, there are a number of areas homeowners need to be aware of, from selecting a contractor to the actual start of work of the re-roofing.
There are several areas to look at when choosing a roof covering. To begin, you need to measure your roof. materials can then be priced per square metre. The manufacturer’s warranty can range from 20 years to lifetime. The length of the warranty is an indicator of performance and value. .
Some roof slopes can limit the choice of material that can be used. Your roofing contractor will determine your roof slope and guide you to what type of tile will be best for your roof. Although you will be hiring a professional roofing contractor to reroof your home, you should familiarize yourself with certain aspects of the reroofing process. There are various conditions about your roof that may limit your product choices or affect the cost of your roofing job.

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