Top Five Tips For Roof Maintenance

Top Five Tips for Roof Maintenance

Only a few people take year round care of their roof while many people simply ignore the roof problems that result in severe damages later on. Nonetheless, regular maintenance of the roof is essential because roof repairs can be somewhat expensive. Following these top 5 tips for roof maintenance will help you prevent these problems from arising in the first place.


Do not ignore the slates

Regular maintenance of the slates and tiles is important because they protect your roof against damage from the elements. Slates tend to break away or slip down the roof when the fixings come loose or deteriorate. Damage can also be caused by roof ladders cracking them. Make sure that you inspect the slates regularly and replace any missing or damaged ones immediately.


Clear obstructions to the gutters

Leaves, twigs, animal waste and other debris can frequently block the flow of water along the gutters during the rainy season. One of the easiest top 5 tips for roof maintenance is to get up and clear away all the waste so that rainwater can drain easily.


Inspect your roof from inside

By gaining access to your loft space it becomes easier to spot missing slates or tiles by looking for daylight coming through.


Deal with leaks immediately

The top 5 tips for roof maintenance would be incomplete without mentioning leaks. An easy way to detect leaks is to visit your attic frequently and check for moisture. You should also identify the damage to the roof and have it restored before it gets out of hand.


Conduct regular inspections

Thankfully, there are a number of people offering professional roof maintenance services. These people are trained experts and have access to more advanced techniques for identifying problems and solving them. Many of them offer annual service contracts where you can have their teams visit your house every year to conduct roof inspections. However, if you cannot afford to employ their services, you can can inspect your roof for any potential issues.


These top 5 tips for roof maintenance are all you need to ensure a strong roof. They are simple preventative steps that can help you avoid bigger expenses.

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  • ASAP Roofing
    March 25, 2013 (12:26 am)

    Nice article. Its important to keep up the maintenance on the roof. Following these steps could save a home owner a good amount of money.