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Finding a reputable Roofer in Nottingham & Derby

Here in the UK, it’s probably safe to say that we’re not renowned for having the calmest and most reliable of weather. We’re an exposed island nation and our weather often reflects as much. During the summer the weather is often hit and miss, but it’s during the Autumn and the Winter seasons when we often find ourselves taking a real battering. For the last few years we’ve experienced extreme weather in some way or another that ultimately ended up costing us money. We’ve had extreme freezes which lasted for weeks and dumped several feet of snow and more recently we’ve experienced extreme storms which caused havoc. Heavy wind and heavy ...

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my customers and work friends a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year!! Its been another tough year work wise but things are really picking up in the building trade and we are looking forwards to a better year in 2014! Thanks again for your custom! Lee

Finding a Reputable Local Builder or Roofer

  Is your property in need of repairs? Or maybe you need to carry out a renovation or some other building work. Finding a reputable local Builder or Roofer is essential if you want to avoid major headaches down the road. Working with the wrong people will cost you time and money and leave you with shoddy workmanship. Here are a few steps you should take to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate tradesman. Get Recommendations : Asking your Family, friends and colleagues for recommendations on a local builder or roofer is always a good place to start. This can simplify your search, as you now have some assurance they can be trusted to work on ...