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Cleaning out the gutters on your house

Your gutters play a crucial part in directing the rain water away from your home. One of the problems with guttering is that leaves and other debris can cause them to clog over time therefore it is wise to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Leaves, twigs and even broken tiles or slates will cause them to clog. When too much debris builds up in the gutter it causes the rainwater to build up and overflow causing serious damp problems in your home. (more…)

Chimney Stack Repair or Rebuild?

Does my chimney stack need repairing or rebuilding? Even if the brickwork on your house is in good condition you should inspect your chimney stack for signs of wear. The mortar pointing in-between the brickwork on your chimney stack can begin to crumble and crack over time because of the constant weather exposure. Rain, wind, snow, frost and even the sun all play a part in the health of your chimney! Worn mortar joints open areas between the bricks and allow moisture to get into the chimney, this leads to the possibility of chimney collapse and expensive chimney repairs. Repointing a chimney is a common repair for the homeowner and isn’t usually ...

Tips for home maintenance

Tips for Home Maintenance   Your house is more than an investment. It is a place where you and your family deserve to enjoy the comfort and security. Home maintenance need not be a troublesome job as shown by these top 5 tips for home maintenance. (more…)