UPVC Doors & Windows

If you are looking for a modern look that’s built to last and is virtually maintenance free then UPVC double glazed windows and doors combine warmth and security with a smooth, wipe-clean surface that will never rot, flake, rust or fade.

Replacement doors and windows are fairly simple to install and after fixing require no painting or further treatment!

Not all houses suit white plastic windows but now there is a large variety of styles and colours to suit every home.

We were recently asked to fit some UPVC French Doors in an oldish house which required removing an existing plastic window and taking out the brickwork below. As with many properties it did not have a lintel above the window so we fitted a steel one to comply with building regulations (and to stop the brickwork above from sagging further)  By using the bricks that were taken about we rebuilt the sides and the header/soldier bricks above to match in with the existing brickwork.

The doors gave the house a modern look, a fantastic view of the garden from the soon to be kitchen/diner and lets in much more light!


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