Tips for dealing with condensation during this time of year

Well, unfortunately for many of you, unless you enjoy the autumn and the winter of course, it’s that time of year again. The nights are drawing in, the air is turning cooler, the weather is turning more and more unsettled, and the worst is still yet to come. The colder months of the year can also be expensive months of the year for most of us, namely due to the fact that we use more heating, gas, and electricity. On top of that however, the weather can also have a negative impact on our homes, with condensation running rampant this time of year. If you find yourself dealing with condensation around your home on a regular basis, then don’t ignore it because although it could be something as seemingly trivial as a little moisture on the inside of your window, if left untreated, the problem could quickly escalate. Here are a few handy tips for dealing with condensation during this time of year.

tips for dealing with condensation

Remove excess moisture from the room – Condensation occurs when moisture or water vapour inside a room or property comes into direct contact with a colder surface. This causes water droplets to form which will then coat certain surfaces including windows, but then possibly soak into walls or even flooring. This can then lead to mould which can be toxic, and overtime it can rot away wooden furniture such as floorboards, which is exactly what you don’t want. A great tip to help you deal with condensation is to remove any excess moisture from your room. Don’t leave glasses of water laying around, try not to overwater any plants, and every morning if your windows or other appliances are coated with condensation, wipe them and dry them as much as possible rather than leaving them.

Try to ventilate the room – The thought of opening your windows during the winter is probably not filling you full of much confidence but all that is required usually is a very slight opening in the window to allow the warm and humid air to escape outside and to let in the cooler but dry air. In bathrooms when having a steamy bath or shower, make sure you ventilate the windows slightly and use an extractor fan if you have one.

Try to heat your home slightly more – Another great way of helping to prevent condensation is to heat your home slightly more, for more prolonged periods of time instead of with short bursts. The reason for this is that if your home is cool and then suddenly heats up when you crank up the heating, this could lead to an increase in condensation. Instead, try turning the heating to low, and leaving it on for longer. Having it on low constantly is actually more cost efficient and slightly cheaper than cranking it up high to heat your home quickly.

Speak to a professional – Finally, if things are especially bad or if you’re worried that they could be, the best thing you can do is speak to a professional and ask them to come take a look and provide a few recommendations of products and preventive causes. Often the solution will be very simple, the job will be easy to do more often than not, and it will ultimately end up saving you money later down the line.

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