Replacement Cast Iron Guttering & Downpipes

I have a number of regular customers who take a great deal of pride in their homes and like to keep as many original features as possible. One of the least interesting things about your home is probably your guttering and downpipes however they play a very important part in your house whether you think they are pretty or not!

Many houses still have the original cast iron guttering but over time it can become badly corroded and dangerous. It can be very expensive replacing it for new cast iron or trying to repair it.

A fairly recent alternative is to use plastic or upvc ‘imitation’ style product which has these benefits :

  • – Significantly cheaper material than cast iron
  • – Huge savings in labour costs
  • – Integral seals that speed gutter installation
  • – Lighter and easier to handle
  • – No nuts, bolts, spanners or angle grinders required
  • – External fixings wings on gutter fittings that reduce the number of fascia brackets required (allow one fascia bracket per metre of gutter)
  • – Does not require painting like traditional cast iron

The specially texture coated gutter combines with traditional styled rainwater pipework to give the full appearance of a cast iron rainwater system. This type of guttering has all the traditional appearance of cast iron but with all the benefits of upvc.

Overall it is a great alternative to the standard ‘smooth’ guttering and downpipes, its easy to work with and looks great when it is all fitted if you want a bit more of a classy look to your gutters!!

The following images show a job that I recently completed. Note that the start and finish pictures don’t look that different which is what our customer wanted! 





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