New Year, New Home!

So it’s coming up to new year and once Christmas is over people start thinking of moving house. But wait, do you really need to move home? Many people decide that they need to move after finding a bedroom shortage. Or maybe even the kitchen isn’t serving their needs any more. These are just a couple of the many reasons people move house every year. What they don’t seem to understand is that you can remodel your current home. You can add a bedroom or extend a kitchen or knock your living room throughout to your lounge. Not only will this add space to your home it will in many cases add value. Once you have a good reliable builder inboard. You can go through the planing stages and get everything approved and above board.

Here Are 4 Ways To Improve Your Existing Home:

1: Bedroom

Don’t move house simply because you need another bedroom. You can add another bedroom to your house by having a loft conversion. Or even by converting the garage into a liveable space and turning that into another bedroom. There is even the option of adding a partition wall to a large bedroom and splitting into two.

2: Kitchen

Everyone at some point feels cramped in the kitchen. It’s a natural thing especially when you have a large family all trying to make food at the same time. Christmas in particular can be a strain on resources. But is moving house really needed? You could possibly have a single storey extension built and improve your kitchen space 100% or more. It’s certainly less fuss than selling up.

3: Garage Conversion

Almost all houses now built have a garage of some kind. In fact it’s a prerequisite of most buyers that a garage is part of the deal. But how many people actually go to the trouble of opening the garage and using it to store the car? It’s almost always a place for junk to pile up right? Well with a little work you could turn that dead space into a liveable usable room. A bedroom, a chill out room, a games room. Anything is better than a place to dump your weights bench.

4: Multi Storey Extension

If you are needing something more ambitious, you could think about having a full double storey conversion. You could have another bedroom or two on the 1st floor and a larger kitchen on the ground floor. Or even a games room. The point is, if you speak to a builder and discuss your needs. There will always almost always be a solution. And it wont involve moving house.



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