New kitchens and bathrooms

A kitchen or bathroom re-fit becomes important as time goes by. It could be due to the fact that the kids are all grown up and therefore you want a more sophisticated feel or it could be that you simply want a different style.

A kitchen or bathroom is often the place where most people find solace and spend a lot of personal time whether it’s when cooking or when soaking in a bath respectively. In most families, the kitchen is also the heart of the house, with family activity being centered here and friends also being hosted in this space. It is therefore important that the space is as habitable as you want. Depending on your budget, the styles may differ, some of the remodels can be done at personal level but it is advisable to find professional firms that can do the remodeling within your budget.

A kitchen refit is not just replacing the appliances and cabinets but it is also about ensuring the materials utilized match the quality and the look of your kitchen. Involving professional designers in this process ensures the room is able to match your needs while it is also streamlined with the rest of the space. This is because, the needs of a kitchen used by a family with young children are likely to vary. The professionals are able to advise on the plan and design while advising on the best materials to use, appliances and cabinets.

The bathroom is often used as a place to relax, as one soaks in a bath and reads a book, or takes a warm shower in order to relax. Depending on the bathroom being remodeled; master bathroom, kid’s bathroom or guest bathroom; the style will vary. The storage requirements and fixtures needed also need to be considered so as to match the budget.

Lee Jones is a complete building company that has a reputation for quality workmanship and has extensive experience in internal works. We are able to work with different budgets and work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met and expectations exceeded. Lee Jones has a reputation for respecting the timelines and rarely ever need an extension of time when they take on a re-fit job. We are based in the Derby and Nottingham area doing most of the work ourselves unless specialists are needed and at this point we use the local experts.

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