How To Save Money By Insulating Your Loft

Your loft is probably the last place you think of when it comes to saving money on your heating bills. After all you hardly see it. So why worry about it? Well it’s simple. Hot air rises and you are heating your house day and night during the winter.

If your loft has no insulation your are simply heating the rooms temporarily then letting that heat rise up and escape from your roof space. The idea behind loft insulation is to seal the roof space and keep that hot air in. So rather than letting the air escape it simply circulates around the house and keeps a constant temperature. No more flicking the thermostat up and down. Just keep it comfortable.


As with all major jobs like this it is best to talk to the experts first as they will advise you thoroughly. But you can at least take a quick look at what type of insulation is available.


Board Insulation:

As the name suggests board insulation is either strips that are pre-cut or larger board that can be cut by hand. It is installed between the rafters of the roof space to form a solid board seal and trap warm air below. It is ideal for loft conversions since it keeps the loft warm too as well as the main rooms of the house below.


Blanket Insulation:

This comes on a roll and has to be cut just like a blanket. It’s ideal for irregular shaped lofts and normal lofts alike. Its pretty easy to fit and can be done with minimal fuss. Simply measure your roof space to find out how much you will need. Then cut into strips and fit. Care must be taken to not rip it though. Any compromise in the integrity of the insulation will render it void. Even a few inches of torn installation will leak warm air.


Blown Insulation:

This has been popular over the last few years. But must be fitted by trained professionals. As the name suggest the insulation comes in a loose material, either cellulose fibre or mineral wool fibres and is blown into place with specialist equipment. After some hours of settling the material is fully functional and maintains a tight seal for up to 40 years.


Which ever route you take with making your home leak proof, it is important to remember that all work should be undertaken by a pro. You can if you wish go the DIY route, but there is really no sense buying the materials and wasting them. For the added cost of hiring the professionals you are saving that money ten times over in heating costs.


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