How to create the perfect BBQ area for summer entertaining

There really is nothing better than a barbecue with friends on a warm summer evening however the occasions that Brits are able to enjoy this type of weather are rare which is why it’s imperative to be prepared. It’s no good waiting for the good weather to arrive before planning your barbecue as this will be too late as you won’t have a suitable area to host a barbecue for your family and friends. In order to make sure you’re ready for the summer weather follow these tips to make sure you’re garden barbecue area is complete and fully equipped so that there’s no reason you can’t entertain throughout the summer.


Convenience is really important when it comes to the positioning of your barbecue as although you’ll be spending the majority of your time outside you need to be within reasonable reach of your kitchen so that you don’t leave your guests for prolonged periods of time when you have to head inside to grab the salad. If your barbecue area is close to the kitchen it also means that you’re much less likely to drop food platters and drinks as you transport them back to your guests.

Another important element of convenience is the flooring that covers your chosen barbecue area as it’s pretty important for it to be flat in order to prevent any spillages and accidents from the barbecue itself. It’s a good idea to place your barbecue in an area that’s easy to clean as oils and grease are likely to cover the area and certain flooring types may become slippery or even damaged when coated in grease.

Type of barbecue

The next thing to consider would be the type of barbecue that would suit your garden and the area that you’ve created especially for entertaining. If you’re the sort of person who likes to change things around quite often then a portable barbecue is probably the best choice for you as they’re really easy to move however, if your aim is to create an area of your garden that’s dedicated to entertaining guests then a built in barbecue might be the answer as it means that it’ll be ready and waiting for you each and every time the sun makes an appearance so those last minute barbecues won’t be such as inconvenience anymore because you’ll have everything you need to hand.

If you’re not sure that you want a built in barbecue but you don’t want to eliminate the option then it’s a good idea to have a gas line laid beneath your patio or other flooring choice before it’s laid so that if you ever decide that you do want a built in barbecue the only thing you have to do is uncap it rather than having your patio taken in up in order to be able to insert a gas line at a later date.


Finally after taking into account the practicality of your barbecue area it’s imperative to think carefully about the design features too. Things like lighting, comfortable seating and music will all be important as barbecues often go on into the night. Other things to consider would be a fridge to keep drinks cool so that you and your guests don’t have to keep walking through the house. A wood burner is also a good idea as summer nights tend to get quite cool so your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the warmth.


Designing your barbecue area is something that should definitely be fun and something that you can add to and change as the years go on.


Article by Eat Sleep Live,  a  Nottingham company who create rustic furniture from reclaimed wood.


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