Get Prepared: Cost Effective Insulation Tips For The Winter

It’s that time of year again; the time where we all have to get up 20 minutes earlier and stock up on de icer. That’s right; it’s winter. In the freezing cold temperatures that winter can force upon us, it’s vital that we insulate our houses properly. But don’t worry – insulating your home doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Here are some cost effective insulation tips for the winter:

Use Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains will work wonders, and help you stop the heat escaping from your windows. Did you know that around 40% of the heat that escapes from your home does so through uncovered windows? Well now you do! Make sure your heavy curtains extend below the frame for the best result.


Top Up or Install Insulation

A well insulated house will keep the warmth in and save up to 45% on energy bills. Although you might have to pay a fee up front, insulation really does pay off in the long run with cheaper bills. In some places they have schemes where houses can be insulated for free, so take a look online to see if you’re eligible!


Find and Seal Gaps and Cracks

In some older homes out there today, all of the gaps and cracks that remain uncovered can actually equal the equivalent of a medium sized window open at all times! Using weather stripping around your doors and windows, make sure you’ve located and sealed up all of the gaps and cracks.


Insulate Hot Water Pipes

By getting your hands on some insulating tape, you can stop heat loss from your water tank and taps. In turn, you’ll even save energy as less is needed to provide your hot water! Simply head on down to your local hardware or DIY store and purchase some insulation tape to get started.


Have Your Heaters Serviced Every Few Years

To keep your heaters running smoothly, you should book in to have them serviced every 2 years at a minimum. You should also try to clean the heaters yourself by keeping them free from dust and cleaning out the filters. Perhaps you could even do with a new heater? New heaters are much more effective and energy saving; you can tell just how energy saving they are by the sticker on them.


Reduce Heat Loss From the Fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, there are some steps you can take to make sure you keep the heat in.

  • Unless you have the fire on, keep the damper closed. If you have the damper open it’s the equivalent of having a window open! Your warm air will scarper sharpish up the chimney never to be seen again.
  • If you don’t ever use your fireplace, consider plugging and sealing up the chimney flue.
  • Make sure the seal on the flue damper is as tight fitted and as snug as possible.


Winter doesn’t come with the most comfortable of temperatures, but you can make them a lot more bearable and affordable by following these cost effective insulation tips!


Image Author : Mark Michaelis

Image Author : Mark Michaelis


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