Fitting UPVC Windows

Even the highest quality windows will underperform if they are not installed correctly. An incorrect installation can lead to cracked brickwork, loss of heat, and exposure to the elements and pests. Improperly installed windows can even allow moisture to enter the interior of the home, causing serious damage to both the windows and the structure of your home.

Even the best-performing window is only as good as its installation. So to truly get the benefits you expect from your project – like improved comfort, energy savings, peace and quiet, and security – you’ll need to find an experienced window installer. Do your due diligence. Make sure you qualify the installer. Merely getting references and looking at the alleged pictures in NOT good enough. You should know something about the process otherwise you may be taken for a ride.

Installing replacement windows can bring added beauty, value and energy-efficiency to any home. You can have new, custom windows installed to replace rotting frames or sashes, balky or broken lift mechanisms, or broken panes. If your home’s heating or cooling bills are too high and increase every year then install new windows to improve efficiency. Replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows will dramatically lower heating and cooling bills.


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