Fitting a Velux® Window

A customer of ours recently asked for a solution for a maintenance problem on the back of a building which overlooks neighbors properties. The original dormer window was quite large with nearly all the timber work rotten. Rather than try to replace the window frame its self we suggested to start from scratch by demolishing the dormer and fitting a Velux roof window…

The job was made harder as gaining access to the window required some ingenuous scaffolding over a garden shed and onto a boundary wall onto another garden. Once the old window was demolished it was a case of altering the existing roof timbers and removing/replacing rotten joists before installing the new window and matching the tiles up to finish the job.

Velux is a brand name and is probably the most well known or widely used ‘term’ for a roof window. Windows mounted in roofs are a standard and now a very popular solution used in modern construction or refurbishment. The windows bring light to the interior, can provide view to the outside and also provide ventilation.  There are many different types and sizes of roof window depending on the requirement, the most commonly used one which we fitted into this roof was a standard centre pivot window the versatility and ease of installation mean that they are widely used.


Old rotten window

Old rotten roof window

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