Fantastic DIY Projects To Get Stuck Into This Spring

The nights are getting a little longer and there’s hint of warm breeze in the air. It’s almost t-shirt weather, and we all know what that means: spring is finally here. The flower buds are beginning to poke their heads out of the ground, and it’s a little easier to get up in the morning! It’s time to take advantage of the extra daylight and tackle those DIY jobs. Spring is a great time to get your house in ship-shape, just in time for summer. We’ve pulled together our favourite Spring DIY projects for you today.


Spruce up the front of your house


After the long winter, the front aspect of your home can feel a little beaten. The paint peels off the front door and the lawn is often dry and lifeless. It’s time to lay new turf and keep the edges looking smart and trim. Repaint the woodwork on the front door and the windows to bring things up to date. You can even replace the brass fittings on the front door for extra impact. Finally, replace any cracked paving slabs and tend to any unruly bushes!


Build a wood decking


There’s nothing better than sitting out on the deck on a warm summer’s evening. You can share a glass of wine with friends or get the barbecue out. If you crack on and start building a wooden deck now, it will be ready in time for summer. Get your hands on some good quality timber and follow a strict plan. It’s easier than you think, especially if you’re already handy with a saw.
Fix that thing you’ve been meaning to fix!


Is it just us who gets a strong boost of energy during the spring? As the winter clears, we get a rush of motivation to repair all the things on the to-do list. If you’re like us, use this motivation to power through all the small tweaks and fixes in your home. Repair the broken fence, or re-plaster the wall. You’ll be pleased to get it all out of the way before the summer.


Think colours


Spring is the perfect time to add a dash of colour to your home. As the sun comes out, you can start to look towards fresh, bright colours. It could be a new lick of paint to brighten up your kitchen. It could be new soft furnishings with bright accent colours. We like to introduce colour into the garden by planting new flowers and trees.



Open up space and bring in light


During the winter, we love those warm, cosy rooms. It makes the Christmas period feel magical. However, as the sun emerges and the air warms up, it’s all about space and natural light. You could take on a serious DIY project and create an open plan living area. Take a sledgehammer to a dividing wall (with expert help, of course) and create more room. As the summer arrives, you’ll love the extra space you’ve made. Another trick is installing glass doors to let more natural light pour into the house. Think about how you could increase the space in your home.
We hope you’ve found some inspiration to start your DIY project this spring. It’s time to get the toolbox out and start working; good luck!

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