Different generations of building and designing in the home


With the property market now finally stabilising, more and more people are once again getting on the housing market and are making the decision to become homeowners. What’s especially interesting however, is that because there are so many different generations that are now homeowners, the decor, the design, and the general layout of their properties all differ greatly based mainly upon age. Here’s a more in-depth look at just how much these things differ from generation to generation.


Those in their twenties – First time buyers are now more than capable of buying and owning their own property, and as a result of this, they can furnish them however they see fit. Studies have found that, in a hypothetical situation, if money was no issue, those in their twenties would choose to install a new conservatory, a loft extension, a brand new kitchen, and refurnish their entire homes, including their gardens. Less than 10% of homeowners in their 20’s however, would spend money on replacing the gutters or rewiring their homes, and would instead focus on the aesthetics, rather than the safety and the practicality.


Those in their thirties – Those in their thirties are often parents, and so the children come first as far as they’re concerned. Their priorities are far more practical and health and safety orientated. If they had the choice, they’d go with an extension, new carpets, and an additional bathroom, presumably for the kids. Those in their thirties do tend to favour a nice garden however, with roughly 58% of them choosing to install a pond or water feature if given the chance.


Those in their forties – For people aged 40 and over, presumably because they don’t want to have to deal with the stress and effort of moving house again, they would choose for more space, preferably a conservatory, loft conversion, and a larger kitchen.


Those in their fifties – People aged 50 and over are most certainly practicality-based and would make sensible and subtle changes in their homes such as new carpets, a new and slightly larger kitchen, a loft conversion and a conservatory.


Those in their sixties – For people aged 60 and over, warmth is key issue here, especially during the colder winter months. For sixty somethings, a new boiler, and new radiators were top of their lists, along with a new bathroom or kitchen, and again new carpets.


So as you can see, the younger we are the more we focus on looks, and the less we focus on practicality and safety. As we grow older, our tastes change, as do our outlooks on life and we focus more on practicality and less on looks and appearance. It’s almost a perfect metaphor for how we view life when young, and how our outlooks and priorities change as we grow older. In any event, it gives us a little insight into the human psyche and that alone is pretty darn interesting we’re sure you’ll agree?

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