Buying A New Roof

Buying a New Roof

A new roof is a big investment costing thousands of pounds and therefore care needs to be taken when making decisions pertaining to this. It is important to know how to get a quality roof system at an affordable price from professional roofing contractors such as Lee Jones. In most cases, you only realize you need a new roof when you discover leaks or serious damages. From inside the house, peeling paint, peeling wallpapers and discolored plasterboards could indicate a problem with the roof.

When selecting a new roof system, cost and durability are definitely to be considered, but the architectural style and aesthetic is also important. The best system is the one that balances these factors. The most common roofing products include Tiles, Slates, Felt, and different synthetic roofing products.

A team of construction workers building an extension

A team of construction workers building an extension

For the roof to be durable it’s important to ensure it has a good ventilation system as in the absence of this; moisture and heat builds up in the loft affecting the roof negatively. Roof ventilation is provided by the breathable felt, and vents in ridge tiles or roof tiles. Proper ventilation not only prevents the structural damage that may be caused by the heat and moisture but also make the room below the loft more comfortable to be in.

The roof performance is affected by different factors depending on where you are located. The sun, rain, wind, ice and snow, algae and moss, condensation, trees and the leaves all contribute in how well or poorly your roof performs. It is therefore advisable to ask your roofing contractor to help you choose the roof that best suits you.

Lee Jones Building & Roofing Contractors are a company who have extensive experience in repairing roofs or putting up new ones. It is not advisable to put up the new roof yourself as there is a strong chance of personal injury or damaging the roof system. Professional contractors such as Lee Jones help you find out the extent of the roof damage and then decide whether to replace it or repair it.

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