Building an extension

Recent indicators show that most people are staying longer in their houses. This translates to more people adding extensions to their homes as it ensures the available space is better utilized and the economic impact is less than that incurred in moving to a new home. Moreover, it means that you can stay in the same neighborhood surrounded by familiar faces and your kids need not keep adjusting to the changes that result from moving houses such as different schools. Stamp duty is also a strong hindrance for most families as when combined with the agent fees; the total amount is enough to build the extension.

However, building an extension is not a very easy process and there is need to give it a lot of thought. Consideration need to be given to factors such as access for the builders to bring in materials, the condition and type of soil, issues of flooding and the local planning policies. It is advisable to seek help from a professional builder especially one recommended by a friend who has done the same kind of work before. Your friend may also be able to give you important tips that would make building your extension easier.
When choosing the builder, consider the design he offers to put and ensure it is matches what you want and ensure he is able to operate within your budget. Also carefully consider what you can do for yourself and the timeline you are working with. You can choose to do some bits and get the professionals to do others.

For you to build a home extension successfully, you may need to get the planning consent though in msome areas you don’t need this. The building control approval must also be acquired and often the self-builders accomplish this by submitting a Full Plan Submission. Though using the services of a professional architect, designer or builder may be expensive, it is still advisable to seek their services. Whichever designer you feel comfortable with, ensure they still hold valid professional indemnity insurance.

Lee Jones Building and Roofing Contractors are a company that offers a complete building service. Quality workmanship and Trust are the basic foundations. The company’s service area includes Nottingham and Derby neighborhoods. They are able to help you design the extension and work out a budget plan that you are comfortable with. We do most of the work we are given but in specialty areas such as electrical work, we involve local experts. If you are within these environs, we are the best contractors to work with.

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