Autumn Home And Property Maintenance

Cold and wet weather months are now creeping up on us, Just as we were starting to enjoy a few weeks of great weather its not going to be long before we hit winter again. There are a quite a few important maintenance jobs that need to be done this autumn.

Your roof

Many homeowners leave fixing their roof until it starts leaking. It’s always advisable to try and have your roof repaired before any damage occurs. Ignoring roof problems however small can cost you in the long run.

Some roof problems can be spotted from the ground. Often the first signs of a problem will be lying at your feet in the guise of a part broken slate or tile. By looking at your roof from the ground you may be able to see some loose or missing tiles/slates. The only way of fixing your roof is by going up there and this is best left to professional roofers who have the right ladders and crawlers. It may cost you more than trying to do a cheap repair job yourself but you can be sure a quality job is done if you use a reputable roofer.

Another way to check for leaks or missing roof coverings is by having a look in your loft. You can look for signs of light or damp penetrating through especially after it has been raining. If there is signs of around chimney breasts, vents or pipes then this is a sure sign of a split or missing flashing.

Gutters & Downpipes

Leaves clog up guttering and block downpipes during autumn, especially if you have tree’s growing nearby. After the leaves have fallen from the trees around your house its well worth taking the time to inspect your guttering and removing any debris from your guttering to make sure water can drain away properly. Blocked gutters full of water and sludge from rotten leaves can make your guttering very heavy and it will become in danger of falling off.

Cleaning your guttering out is as simple as scooping out any debris, using a brush and then rinsing out with clean water. Its and easy job that should be done every year, Ideally after all the leaves have fallen.

Central Heating System

Autumn is the time when most of us fire up the heating again. Probably for the first time in months. It sounds crazy but the best time to inspect your heating system is in the summer. If you have a problem with your boiler in cold weather you may struggle to find someone to repair it quickly leaving you without hot water or warmth. Therefore it is far better sense to have your boiler serviced every year, rather than waiting for it to break down before you call an emergency plumber.

Windows and doors & Woodwork

Check all paintwork around your home for any signs of damage or deterioration. The damaged areas should sanded back and painted as soon as possible to prevent the timber going damp and rotting

Making sure all your doors and windows close properly can save a small fortune on your heating bills. Installing draught proofing strips to your windows and doors is one of the cheapest ways to save heat from escaping and it is a job for the homeowner themselves to tackle themselves. If after installing the draught proofing you still experience heat lost it may be wise to consider replacement windows and doors.

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