5 Signs You Might Need A New Roof

Every homeowner worries about the structural quality of their roof. It shoulders the burden of winds and rain and keeps the home watertight. Any damage to the roof can lead to costly repairs, so it’s important to spot any problems early. The sooner you catch roof damage, the faster you can act.

In this post, we’ll show the key warning signs. If you spot them, it could spell danger for your roof and your entire property. A weak roof can lead to damp and moisture problems. It can cause tiles to fall and even cause injury. If you recognise the following signs of trouble, get in touch with a roofer immediately. A roof problem isn’t something you want to put off.


  1. Sagging


At a certain age, the beams holding your roof up lose strength. It’s impossible to predict when this will happen, and it can be a gradual process. It suggests the support system is no longer good enough to hold the tiles and the roof in place. The easiest way to check is to compare your house to others on the street. Does the roof sag in the middle, more than others?


  1. Water damage


A good, strong roof is watertight at every corner. If you begin to notice moisture creeping into the home, it could be a sign of trouble. You’re looking for anything from small spots of damp on the walls to a full leak. Get into the habit of looking for damp patches on your ceilings or areas of mould at the top of your walls.


  1. Loose tiles


Have you noticed a loose tile on your roof recently? A wonky tile or two could spell trouble. Sometimes the tiles are pushed slightly out of place by the wind and it’s nothing to worry about. But, if the wonky tile is accompanied by falling granules of cement, it could be a bigger problem. Look up to the ridge tiles (at the apex of the roof) and see if the cement is coming loose. This may not mean a full roof replacement, but it will need touching up.


  1. An inspection shows weakness in the supports


We are building and roofing contractors by trade here at Lee Jones. We know how important it is that your roof is inspected annually for damage. A thorough inspection will spot issues well before any bigger symptoms. We look for weak supports, and erosion in the cement work and tiles. If you haven’t had a roof inspection in a while, it’s worth getting on the phone to your local roofer.


  1. Outside light is shining through


A perfect roof should lock out all outside light. It means there are no gaps in the tiling and everything is watertight. If tiles have shifted or erosion has occurred, natural light could start to creep in. Take a look in the attic and see if you can see spots of light through the roof. If you can, give the experts a call, and let them take a closer look.
Roof problems are not something to ignore! If you spot one of these problems, call the pros quickly. You’ll save money and further trouble if you act quickly.

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