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Derby Skyline – Allestree Hall

Allestree Hall is one of Derby’s most magnificent structures, but since it has become unoccupied, the building has been slowly falling into disrepair.

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Derby Skyline – Buxton Opera House

Think of Buxton and the first image that is likely to come to mind is Buxton Opera House. The building is a fine example of Edwardian architecture, with a rich and diverse history that local people are proud of.

The building was designed by Frank Matcham. Very little is known about his life, but Matcham nevertheless made a name for himself as one of the country’s most prominent theatre architects. He was at the forefront of the industry during the era when Buxton Opera House was built, which was a time when new designs were being demanded. More and more people were visiting theatres, so it became apparent that the buildings needed to hold much larger capacities than they had done so in the past. Performances were also becoming more intricate and demanding, so the backstage capabilities of theatres were increasingly necessary.

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