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Basics of Rendering A Wall with Sand & Cement

If you’re looking to protect your walls against the elements, and let’s face it, here in the UK we do get some pretty harsh weather conditions, applying render is a pretty good way of doing so. Not only will it protect the wall against harsh weather, it will also provide an aesthetic appeal and will help to really improve the appearance of the wall itself. Small scale rendering can be done yourself, although it’s highly recommended that you speak to a professional builder and get their opinion, and perhaps their help, before you take on any rendering work yourself. Here’s a very basic step by step guide on how to render a wall using the traditional sand and cement/lime method.

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Different generations of building and designing in the home


With the property market now finally stabilising, more and more people are once again getting on the housing market and are making the decision to become homeowners. What’s especially interesting however, is that because there are so many different generations that are now homeowners, the decor, the design, and the general layout of their properties all differ greatly based mainly upon age. Here’s a more in-depth look at just how much these things differ from generation to generation.

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Email address update

Just a post to say sorry if anyone has tried to contact us and we have not responded. We have recently moved webhosts and there has been a problem with moving the email address info@leejonesbuildingandroofing.co.uk to the new host.

The issue has now been resolved and again I apologise if I have not responded but I will reply ASAP